Saturday, 10 March 2018

Catch up time

A round up of the last couple of weeks including more garden birds, and some of David's pictures from Northumberland. We'll start in Northumberland.

QE 2 Country Park - the barnacle goose!
QE 2 Country Park
QE 2 Country Park
Teal at Druridge Pools
Pink feet at Druridge
Waders at Hauxley - spot three
Purple sandpipers at Hauxley
Cresswelll at dusk
The rather small puppy dog from the east finally reached Bangor but it was not as bad as other places.  We avoided snow, but temperatures reached -3C one day, which meant I had to break the pond ice three times. The wind was easterly and bitter and despite an abundance of food the garden was pretty bird free. It is open to the east so I think they re-located to more sheltered areas. Over the week I managed a few photos and finally nailed the local house sparrows. A goldcrest finally passsed through but was too quick to get a shot.

Coal tit
House sparrow (F)
House sparrow (M)
The happy couple

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  1. great selection of birds in this post DerekI saw 5 purple Sandpipers on the rocks near the Long hole a few days ago. yes there were virtually no birds in y garden either when we had that cold snap and I thought they may have dies from the bitter cold but they all seemed too b back again.