Monday, 2 January 2017

2016 all wrapped up

Saw the old year out at WOW with a high tide and 40 species including a female peregrine which appeared on two separate occasions. Light was good and birds were giving good views. No additions to the Patch list which stayed at 101.

Grey heron

Teal and moorhen


The Bangor West patch has stayed stubbornly at 71 but I had one last walk from Carnalea back home on New Years's Eve at 3.15 as an iceland gull had been spotted the day before. No gull but what is flying up Belfast Lough but a mute swan. The first on the patch in two years, a species I had given up on, but right place right time - two minutes either way and I could have missed it!! Final totals are as follows:

WOW patch list 101  

West Bangor patch list 72

2016 list 190 


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