Sunday, 3 January 2021

The obligatory review of the year

Glad to seee the end of that one then. Tanya and I sat up till midnight not so much as to welcome in 2021 but more to make sure that 2020 actually left and didn't hang around. There were no last minute additions to the lists despite a few socially distanced walks along the coast. Spent quite a bit of time watching the garden so here is a selection of garden visitors to round off an interesting year.


Male linnet wating in the queue for the feeder


Female linnet

Oi, fill the feeder!!

Annual blackcap appeared on December 22nd

Hoover at work

Below the feeders

The 2020 total of 157 was pretty good seeing as I didn't get on holiday and only had a February trip to Bolton and Northumberland. Other than that everything was local. Mind you there were two lifers on the list in bufflehead and spottted sandpiper. WOW finished on 92 well shy of the 100 target but the observation room has been closed for the guts of nine months so some spring and autumn migrants were missed. Unfortunately it looks like it will not re-open until early February. Stand out birds were the manx shearwaters right up at the Stena terminal and white wagtail on the adjacent waste ground. The North Down patch hit a record equalling 74 and this is undoubtedly due to the fact that in lockdowns (we've had three) it was the default walk so it was better covered this year than any other. Stand out birds were the pheasant in the garden and the 7 shelduck flying along the coast on one of our early walks in May. It all kicked off again on January 1st so I'll do a quick New Year's Day roundup to start 2021.


157: American wigeon

74: Mute swan

92: Stonechat


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