Monday, 30 July 2018

Mud, mud, glorious mud!

Last week saw the WOW reserve even drier than the week before. We managed around 30 species including some returning waders - curlew, bar-tailed godwit and ringed plover. A peregrine put in three appearances and most of the waders vanished, but not before we had counted them. There were 2 arctic terns and one sandwich as well as 400+ common terns. The most interesting sight was a Mediterranean gull chick (one of this year's young) eating a common tern chick. The adult terns were giving it grief, but it wasn't moving and by this stage  the chick was well gone. It was seen doing the same over the weekend, so must have decided it's an easy meal.

Med gull with common tern chick
Med gull with common tern chick
Med gull with common tern chick

Med gull with common tern chick

Bar-tailed godwit and curlew



glorious mud

Common tern (and mud)
In it's former glory

Water, water everywhere
There was a lot of rain on Saturday, Aldergrove recorded 88 mm in 3 hours. The July monthly average is 91 mm. It was not as heavy as that in Belfast but hopefully there will be some improvement this week. No updates to 2018 totals, they haven't changed.

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  1. I have never seen the WOW centre so low, well MUD really. Hopefully this Thursday there will be some water.