Thursday, 4 June 2015

Foreign travels

A long weekend in Vence added a few year ticks but was not as productive as I had hoped. There were good numbers of swifts overhead and collared doves galore but very few singing warblers, and raptors were scarce. A walk round Cap Ferrat produced yellow-legged gull and a singing garden warbler.

Cap Ferrat

 A walk up the gorge of the River Loup produced a golden eagle, a family of dippers, crag martin and grey wagtail. This is a spectacular walk as the Gorge narrows in as you get higher.

A really spectacular walk

 We also visited a hilltop village called Gourdon where there was a black redstart on a TV aerial and we were able to look down on a peregrine falcon perched on a rocky outcrop 200m below us. 

Gourdon is on the top of the pointed hill, apparenrently you can walk up to it!

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  1. Looks lovely. Pity you didn't see more birds but I am sure you enjoyed it anyway.