Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Finally got to walk the coastal path into Bangor and added all the expected birds: shag, cormorant, eider, oystercatcher, curlew, redshank, lapwing, turnstone, common gull, greater black backed gull, and black guillemot. Also a nice song thrush and a pied wagtail. The biggest surprise was a  guillemot as well as its more common cousin. There were up to eight black guillemots around the harbour and marina, some of them well into their summer breeding plumage. Despite the cold and windy conditions the local wood pigeons are staking out their territory. On the down side I have had to accept that my supposed carrion crow is in fact a juvenile rook, so please ignore my Calpol fuelled rant on January 10th. I have gone back in and edited it accordingly. Attached is my friendly local blackcap, and a couple of views of the patch in case any of you do not know it.


Carnalea to.....

.....the Long Hole

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