Wednesday, 17 March 2021

Kingfisher video

I have tried different ways to add this video so as it appears in the blog and you click on it, but it has defeated me. The best I can do is add a link to it on You Tube - I hope it works. You can hear the park noises in the background and just before the end it clearly spots a fish and down it goes. It disappeared round the cormer with its catch and that was that.

Not much else to report at present, basically waiting for spring arrivals. Walking has been a bit limited as I tweaked my back lifting a table, continued walking anyway until my back said stop!! Our last two walks we have been hunting woodpeckers and we failed to see or hear them. Otherwise it's garden birds again. The blackcaps are still visiting so it must still be winter!!

89: Carrion crow

56: Carrion crow

50: Dunlin


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