Saturday, 20 July 2019

Garden birds

Heading off to England to child mind tomorrow so nothing scheduled today, so a chance to tidy, chill, pack and watch the feeders which are being emptied faster this month than they are in the depths of winter. The fact that I was about meant that magpies, flying rats and squirrels were chased, so the smaller stuff got a chance to feed. I only missed chaffinch and linnet from the regular visitors. Some a little blurry as the feeders were swinging in the wind. I also had collared dove, jackdaw, magpie, hooded crow, robin and dunnock. Herring gull and lesser black backed gull flew overhead.  Enjoy.

Mr sparrow
Mrs Sparrow
Long-tailed tit family -  up to six
With a great tit
Young blackbird, we have three feeding.
Posy pigeon
Great tit
Blue tit
Coal tit
There is a queue
The niger feeder is emptied daily at present. Also used by linnets, but not today!!

Mr bully, mum was there as well, but is camera shy.
Still I wait for redpoll at the niger feeder. The only addition to the list is a great skua on Rathlin where we had 29 species on a day trip. Nothing unexpected and being a dull wet day in July we missed quite a few regulars. Need to go in May/June when they are singing. WOW had 28 this week including the long-billed dowitcher which re-appeared briefly. We also had a common sandpiper, 5 ravens and a brood of shoveler - mum and five young.

England here we come and hopefully a two owl day like I had a couple of years ago.

146: Great skua

Bangor West
64: Razorbill

Belfast WOW

89: Bullfinch

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