Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Travelling again

A brief update to keep things ticking over before we travel to Bolton, Venice and San Marino. I have surfed birding in  Italy and am not that hopeful of much in the way of birds, so anything is a bonus. Bolton involves a lot of family so opportunities will be limited there as well. Last week saw WOW produce 35 species including common sandpiper, ruff, raven and sparrowhawk. I had a couple of days at Castlerock and finally got a key for the Barmouth hide. An hour on a dropping tide gave good views of greenshank, curlew, knot, blackwit, redshank and dunlin. Nice to link up with Richard Donaghy and put a face to a good website (http://causewaycoastrg.blogspot.co.uk/ ). Things are generally quiet all round and the patch lists show no change,  so a couple of pics and see you in September.



  1. Gosh. You are getting worse than me with all this traveling. Have a lovely time. By the wat you left out tailed God in Black tailed Godwit.

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