Sunday, 3 April 2016

Few migrants as yet

Not a lot to report as I have not been out much or it has been too wet or I have been away from the patches due to family circumstances. I dropped into WOW for pintail and ruff and the blackwits have really oranged up in the last couple of weeks.  Antrim produced a dipper and  I finally managed a lesser black back along the coast, a flyover raven and two garden goldcrests this morning. The feeders are still attracting the female blackcap - it was there today -  and a pair of siskin. I thought they would be away by now. Still looking for curlew, sandwich tern and gannet along the coast, the former might wait till the autumn, but I had the latter two in March in 2015. Hopefully will be out and about this week and clean up on a few migrants.

WOW patch list:  
61 Pintail
62 Ruff

West Bangor patch list:
55 Raven
56 Lesser black-backed gull
57 Goldcrest

2016 list 
122 Dipper

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