Tuesday, 21 April 2015


This has been a bogey bird for the patch and was the main reason I added Castle Park to the patch. It is about the only place I will see treecreeper in Bangor. To date I have dipped out despite several visits to the Park. Today I went again en route to a game of Boules and treecreeper "no day" as they say in Freetown. As I wandered into Ward Park I was actually mulling over whether it would be better to drop Castle Park and extend the patch along the coast to Crawfordsburn when BINGO a TREECREEPEER..................  in Ward Park which is not on the patch! Quelle Domage as they say in France. At least they are around, and if they are foraging in Ward Park, they will certainly be in Castle Park. I still think I will change the patch next year though.

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