Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Urban ravens

Have been out and about but not much time to post. The patch list is up to 53 with the addition of raven, carrion crow and lesser black backed gull. The ravens are breeding again in Castle Park in the middle of Bangor - population 60,000 plus. A walk on Sunday afternoon produced the unmistakable "Kronk kronk" sound and two birds. The carrion crow was in the grounds of a nearby school. The gull flew over the garden. The garden also produced a heron standing in the pond on Saturday morning. Closer inspection revealed frogspawn and at least one frog so I suspect the heron was looking for a meal. I now have a network of sticks to deter said heron and there is more frogspawn. Hopefully I managed to solve the problem before all my frogs got eaten. I have been back to the  RSPB reserve and have added Mediterranean gull to the site list and the 2015 list. Unfortunately today the feeders were empty so there was not much in the way of finches, but the usual suspects gave good views and highlights apart from the gull included snipe, and large flocks of bar tailed and black tailed godwits. Barwits and blackwits to the initiated. The good light and bright sunshine made the teal, shelduck and shoveler really stand out. There are an increasing number of lesser black backs and the iceland gull is still around.

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