Saturday, 21 March 2015

Mallard, patch gold!

Had a quick visit this afternoon and saw the mallard pair again. There were also two grey wagtails on the seaweed bank and yet another heron. This one was hunting in the seaweed and rock pools at low tide. I also scoped Blackhead to see if I could tick fulmars at three miles distance but was unable to convince myself that the white dots were indeed fulmar. Lots of eider and a few guillemot in the lough. The wind had dropped and it was possible to use the scope and see quite a long way out.

The lower pool was dredged and cleaned last year, hence the mallard interest. The upper pool is scheduled for cleaning this year and they have dammed the inflow and done some dredging. Unfortunately it is a lot bigger and deeper than the lower pool and the grab cannot reach the back. The bed is too soft for the digger so work has ground to a halt. It will be interesting to see what they do now.


Lots of blackbirds and robins foraging in the mud and a singing blackcap in the bushes, the first of the year. Hopefully a restored pool will atttract a moorhen before the end of the year.

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