Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Patch update for January

I finished with 49 species and 56 points and the wonder of it all is that I am not last, not even in the relegation zone!! I still cannot get dunlin or ringed plover despite scouring the Long Hole on various states of the tide. Because I spent 10 days away in February my performance this month is dire as I have only added rock pipit to the list on the patch. The garden seems to have produced all it is going to produce and I am still missing siskin and redpoll. I have seen another guillemot and a razorbill in the marina, but nice as that is they do not score points. The grey wagtail was on the beach at Stricklands again.

Razorbill in Bangor Marina

There is a grey wagtail on the boulder!

The seaweed bank was attracting feeding black-headed gulls and turnstones. I have seen similiar feeding behaviour in Hauxley although on a much bigger scale.  

The beach at Hauxley had 3 types of gulls and 5 species of waders all feeding furiously and lifting on a big wave.

 However spring is on the way and the garden has a bit of colour again. Hopefully the early migrants are on the way to boost my score in March.

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