Thursday, 7 October 2021

Rain at last

No recent posts due to no recent birding. I have been out and about but things are slow and RSPB Belfast was seriously dry, BUT at least we have rising water levels.  The patch added a little grebe at Kinnegar, a hunting peregrine passed through and took a dunlin, and a jack snipe dropped in beside half a dozen snipe feeding in the open, sat long enough for us to id it and then shuffled into the reeds and vanished.  The coastal path also has seen returning winter waders  but the garden is a bird free zone at present. With a bit of effort I have seen blackbird, dunnock, robin and chaffinch. Magpie and jackdaw are common but that really is that. Large flocks of eider are gathering again in Belfast Lough and the gannets and shearwaters have moved on. There was a spate of guillemots and razorbills feeding close in, but they have moved on.  Here's a selection from Belfast RSPB taken over the last week or two.


Meadow pipt

Meadow pipit

Look!! Water!!




Spot 5 waders and a gull

Curlew, knot and godwit

Mixed waders

Mainly curlew

Spot the godwit

Spot the dunlin

146: Jack snipe

69: Razorbill

79 Jack snipe
80: Little grebe
81: Peregrine

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