Sunday, 19 July 2020

Autumn passage!

Apparently autumn waders are on the move. I am still hoping for a few late spring migrants like sedge warbler and cuckoo!! I did connect with a family of spotted flycatchers in the Antrim Hills having given up on them. The last time I saw one in Northern Ireland was in June 2013 along the Newry Canal so it was nice to see them again. WOW was wetter than it has been on July 9 and I came up with  arctic tern and common sandpiper. Unfortunately I had a camera malfunction so the photos were all on the phone and digiscoping was not good. The garden is not a lot different than it has been over lockdown and the coastal path has also been fairly quiet. Walks in local areas have also been quiet, birds are harder to see and apart from blackcaps there is very little singing. Autumn in the world of birds is indeed on the way as birds go quiet, hide and moult. Hopefuly WOW will open soon and we have half  a chance of some wader passage from the observation room. Oh to be back with the Thursday club again and arguing over biscuits.

July 9

Arctic tern

Arctic tern
Black guillemots in Bangor

136: Peregrine falcon
137: Puffin
138: Kittiwake
139: Spotted flycatcher
140: Common sandpiper

Bangor West
66: House martin
67: Common tern
68: Manx shearwater

Belfast WOW
77: Manx shearwater
78: Peregrine falcon
79: Sandwich tern
80: Arctic tern
81: Common sandpiper

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