Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Lockdown edition part 3

At least I don't have to think of catchy titles for a while. The weeks roll by with a bit more garden birding and a few coastal walks. The coastal path has added gannet, chiffchaff and razorbill, birdsong continues to be a joy and the walk back up through the Glen has provided good views of jay, long-tailed tit and a singing blackcap or two as well as a singing chiffchaff. The garden turned up chiffchaff and goldcrest again as well as all the usual suspects plus an overflying sparrowhawk two evenings in a row and another run through in the afternoon. The little solar powered water feature attracts birds to drink and bathe so the scope sits focused on it. Here are a few shots from the last week. We have had no rain for a month so water in the garden is attracting birds.

Two dunnocks playing chase
Mr Blackbird
Mrs Sparrow
Mr Sparrow
Bullfinch (m)
That's the garden sorted, now for the coastal path.

Looking west last weekend
High tide waders
Windy day today
Common gull
125: Razorbill

Bangor West
60: Razorbill

Belfast WOW
67: Red-throated diver (Stalled since March 19th)

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  1. Glad to read that you are able to get out for walks along the coast. You should have a few migrants turning up around this time of year, especially with all the good weather I hear you have been having.