Friday, 16 September 2016

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Struggling to master the new format so it was easier to do two posts. The terns are easier to see from Hide 2 before the sun moves too far West. Even around 1300 I was getting glare. Late afternoon and early evening would be a nightmare as you would only see silhouettes. The area where the waders roost is also much closer and makes ID easier. Strangely enough the 6 Koniks don't seem to annoy the birds very much. They move out of their way but rarely spook. The ponies are quite good at lifting hidden birds like snipe out of the grass as well.
Tern planks looking west

Reserve bliss

Roseate tern

Roseate tern

Roseate tern

WOW patch list:    
84 White-rumped sandpiper
85 Curlew sandpiper
86 Roseate tern
87 Shag
88 Raven
89 Skylark
90 Pochard
West Bangor patch list:
65 Razorbill
66Common tern
67 Manx shearwater

2016 list 
179White-rumped sandpiper
180 Curlew sandpiper
181 Roseate tern
182 Kingfisher

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