Wednesday, 4 May 2016

.......and still they come!

Not a bad couple of weeks as spring migrants continue to appear in the skies above West Bangor and Belfast WOW. The terns were not there last week but have arrived this week. Interesting birds included two oil affected black-headed gulls, a vey mottled ruff and a dunlin. The ruff fooled me as I thought at first it was a spotted redshank, but Chris sorted that one out! The gulls were capable of flight and doing a lot of preening so it was feared that they may not survive. Seeing as we have over 1000 of them that seems ok, but they are amber listed so maybe not so good.

Mottled ruff

Posy dunlin

Oiled gull

I also had a pleasant walk along the Ulster Way from the Somme Centre to Helen's Bay - 6.5 miles,  and saw my first swift of the year as well as lots of pretty flowers. There were no stunning birds but lots of the expected species and masses of singing blackcaps and wrens.
Open beech forest


Lesser celandine

Wood sorrell?

WOW patch list:    
70 swallow
71 Iceland gull
72 Ringed plover
73 Common tern

West Bangor patch list:
61 Swallow
62 House martin

2016 list 
132 Ruff
133Iceland gull
134 Swift

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